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All networking devices and routers support IP address and those device has a default IP address. You need to use the default IP address for login to the router and the IP address has many use. In every networking device packet, you will get IP address with username and password. After login to the networking device, you can setup all of the settings. Different models of routers and networking devices use different IP address as default. Some models of routers such as TP-link, Tenda, Arris, D-Link and Netgear use IP address as default. However, in the router and networking use many private IP address which can be changed. The IP address is used for many reason and you can use it for checking connectivity. By the IP address of those routers, you can check the connectivity of the computer and the router. With the ping command from “ping” or “ping -t”, you can identify the connection.
The ping command works with the IP address. It is better if you use default IP address for checking the connection. That is why, you have to find out the default IP address for initiating the ping process. You can use the IP address for the routers TP-link, Arris, D-Link and Netgear with the ping command. There are two types of ping commands and you can use any ping command that you like.
Among those ping command, in one ping command “t” is used and in another ping command “-t” is used. A ping command is called without “-t” is called and another is continuous ping which made with “-t”. However, continuous ping command “ping -t” is used most than a ping command. However, the both ping commands are useful for all of the problems.
The continuous ping command “ping -t” and a ping command are same thing as result. A ping command “ping” is not more useful than the continuous ping “ping -t”. But a ping gives you result one time and summery included. For getting result continuously every time you have to use this command. After giving the summery from a ping command “ping”, the process will be stopped auto. You need to use the process continuously again and again to get result. But the continuous ping command “ping -t” gives you continuous output and you do not need to give command again and again. The ping command process will not stop until you stop it.
For beginning any command or ping command, CMD or Command promote page should be run. You get the command prompt option from the stat menu. You can initiate the CMD from start menu by using the CMD on the run box and hit enter button and then CMD will run. You can use Command Prompt (Admin) from the start menu by clicking the right button of the mouse after keeping the mouse pointer on the start menu. When the CMD will run, then type the ping command “ping -t” and instant the ping process will start. By chance if you do not know the IP address, then you should “ipconfig” command and get Default getaway from the IP address.
From the ping command, you will get result summery and from the ping command you can know many things about connection status between router and computer. But the continuous ping command is the best than a ping. The continuous “ping -t” always provide update information continuously of each second. The connection between router and computer may not be available but the ping command will give you information to make you update. The continuous ping command process does not stop alone but you can stop or pause the continuous ping process for the command -t”. However, if you want to stop or cancel the continuation the process, then you need to press on the CTL+ C key from the keyboard and for breaking the process you have to press CTL+ Break keys from keyboard. When you cancel the command, you will get summery or if you break command by pressing the keys CTL + break, then you must get summery in middle for once in the middle of the process.
Usually, different types errors are seen in the routers or the computer. Those are not easy to identify but through the ping command it can be checked the router or computer for finding the problem. I prefer to use the continues ping command “ping -t” because it gives continuous information. When the continuous ping command will be broken or canceled, then the summery will appear. You will know everything of every second by the ping command.
It is very important to check the summery and continuous result which have been created from the continuous ping command “ping -t”. You may need to use the ping command for the routers TP-link, Arris, D-Link and Netgear. Usually, you will get continuous report and those reports are “Reply form bytes=, time = TTL=”, “Request timed out” and “…. Unreachable host”. Those are results available from the continuous ping command.
The message “Reply form bytes=, time = TTL=” means that the router connection with computer is ok. The message means that for a second the connection did not lose. If you get message “Request timed out”, then it means that there is no connection. That is why, you have to check all of the connection including the power adapter property. Sometimes power cable connection is a cause to face such problem. If you get “…. Unreachable host” message then it could be cause of wrong IP address in ping command. There is no any networking device which uses IP address Out of order Hardware is also the cause of showing the message.
If you cancel the continuous ping process, then you will get summery. From the summery of the ping command, you will get sent, received and lost data as report. The report of sent and the received data are similar. If you get Lost = 0%, then connection is stable between computer and router. If the report Lost = 100%, then connection is not stable at all between the computer and router. If you find the report Lost is less than 100% and more than 0%, then you should recheck the device. Check the whole computer with antivirus. You should read the manual to know better idea.
However, sometime the firewall may be the cause of block the IP address and no feedback or reply will come from the router if the firewall blocks the IP address or virus attacked your computer. First, you need to unblock the IP address from the and try then again use the ping command for checking the connection between computer and router. Sometimes virus may be the reason of making the problem and it is necessary to solve it by the checking antivirus. Now use Google.com to know more about the continuous ping and a ping.